The world of work is constantly changing.  With forces such as the economy, globalisation, competition and technology affecting careers. Organisations need to be agile and adapt to changing circumstances. This, of course, means changes in people resources. Organisations want to be seen as attractive to employees, and this includes taking care of their people in offering career support for career transitions.

Research has shown that career management interventions such as career coaching, executive coaching and career management workshops increase well being and happiness at work. They reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and engagement. People feel more in control of their careers.

Organisational change can also mean downsizing or restructuring. It is great to be able to offer some outplacement support to those who are leaving the organisation. Losing a job and the relationship with the organisation can be difficult and frightening for some. At Working Career, we help you to help your people, by offering practical support to make these career transitions as seamless as possible.