Career Development Workshop

A one day practical Career Development Workshop to help people to manage and develop their careers

Being happy at work and feeling fulfilled in what you do is so important to people’s productivity, creativity and health and well being. And yet, we spend so little time planning and reviewing our careers to think about what is important to us, what we need to get from a career and how we can develop ourselves and improve our work life. Things change, so we need to do this on a regular basis.

With globalisation and competition, organisational structure’s have got flatter. For some, this has meant that there are less opportunities. It becomes more important to really think about how to keep engaged and to enrich career if there are few opportunities for career progression.

Who is the Career Development Workshop for?

This career workshop is for individuals in organisations. It is a chance for individuals to review what they are doing at work and to plan their future career in the organisation.

What will we cover?

Everyone is different and has different needs and wants from their work so we look at:
Who you are – What motivates you and what you do
What you want – What you want your future career to look like
How you will get there – What you need to do to achieve your career success

What will individuals get from doing the Career Development Workshop?

  • Increased knowledge about innate abilities – strengths, what comes easily and naturally
  • Increased knowledge about interests and values – what is important
  • Increased confidence in capabilities and what is important
  • Ideas as to what future work will look like
  • Action plans to achieve future work life
  • Information and resources to research different options
  • A workbook which will help you on your career adventure

What needs to be done before the Career Development Workshop?

The workshop includes the Highlands Ability Battery. This is an in depth abilities profiler and you will complete it before the workshop. It takes three hours to complete on line and we do a group feedback on the workshop.

Who will run the Career Development Workshop?

Diana Dawson - February 2015 - © Julie Broadfoot -

Diana Dawson is a qualified Career Psychologist. She has been career counselling, coaching and delivering career workshops for over ten years; helping people achieve their career goals through providing one to one career counselling, coaching and workshops for adults from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. She is passionate about people and their careers and helping people to be happier at work and use their talents. She has a MA in Psychology, an MSc in Career Counselling and Management and an MSc in Occupational Psychology. She is also Level A and B qualified in psychometric assessment, has a Certificate in Coaching Psychology and a Member of The British Psychological Society and the Association of Coaching.

If you are interested, please email Diana at to find out more.