Happiness and well-being at work workshop

Happiness and well-being at work have become buzz words but they are no laughing matter! Research shows happiness and well-being at work are deadly important. They improve engagement, motivation and productivity. People who are happier at work are more productive, creative and have fewer days absence.

In these happiness and well-being works shops, we explore what it is, how you get it and why you need it!

Workshops are practical and interactive and participants will gain insights into their own happiness and well-being at work. They will have action plans as to move forward in their career to be fulfilled, engaged and motivated.

Workshop Facilitator:

Diana Dawson is a qualified Career Psychologist. She has been career counselling, coaching and delivering career workshops for over ten years; helping people achieve their career goals through providing one to one career counselling, coaching and workshops for adults from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. She is passionate about people and their careers and helping people to be happier at work and use their talents. She has a MA in Psychology, an MSc in Career Counselling and Management and an MSc in Occupational Psychology. She is also Level A and B qualified in psychometric assessment, has a Certificate in Coaching Psychology and a Member of The British Psychological Society and the Association of Coaching.

For further information, please contact Diana at Diana@workingcareer.co.uk