career change programme for lawyers

Career Change Programme for Lawyers

Are you a lawyer or a solicitor who is unhappy at work? Need a career change?

Recent research has found lawyers to be the unhappiest profession at work. Lawyers are my largest client base at Working Career. This is why I decided to create a specific Career Change Programme for Lawyers.

Law is a difficult and demanding job. One where you often take the decision to study law at an early age without always knowing whether it is the right profession for you. You may find the competitive work environment a struggle or you may find you are just not interested in the work you do.

Do you want to know what else you can do?

You may want to consider finding ways to manage your legal career better. Perhaps you want to find another area of law that you would be more suited to. Or you may want to consider a complete change.

Working Career will help arm you with the insights you will need to make your career decisions with confidence and accuracy. In our Career Change Programme for Lawyers, we use psychometric tests, questionnaires and coaching and counselling. You will gain a further understanding of your strengths, what is important to you in your career and therefore ideas and options to take forward.

How does it work?

In order to make informed choices about your future career and be able to navigate through the world of work, it is important to take account of the factors that affect your future career.

In our Career Change Programme for Lawyers we use a combination of career counselling and coaching, psychometric testing and informal exercises we look at what is important to you and your career. What you need, what you can do and what is available to you.
We find out where you are now and what you need from your career. Your:
-  Preferred work environment
-  Innate abilities
- Strengths at work
-  Personality preferences
-  Interests
 – Values and purpose
 – How you best learn, problem solve and make decisions
We then go on to find how you get there:
 – Your top career options
-  Your action plan to get to where you want to

Through this process you will have access to some of the best career tools and psychometric tests enabling you to understand what will make you happy and productive at work and how to use your strengths.

What do you get?

  • Greater self confidence from self understanding and self belief in your skills and abilities. Knowledge as to what your personality preferences, strengths and abilities are
  • A clearer vision of your future
  • Improved career decision making skills
  • New ideas to develop in order to maximise your potential.
  • Knowledge as to what work environments will make you thrive
  • An understanding of what motivates you
  • New career ideas to investigate
    You will also receive:
  • Reports and feedback from the assessments and coaching sessions including two reports from the Highlands Ability Battery as well as a report specifically for lawyers
  • A personal job profile, detailing the aspects of work that are important for your fulfilment.
  • A personal action plan for career and personal development

How do I go ahead with the Career Change Programme for Lawyers?

1. First of all Contact Us via email or fill out the contact form to arrange a free initial chat about your individual needs.
2. We will then be able to give you a recommendation as to what sort of programme would be suitable, how long the process would take and what the cost would be.
3. Once this has been agreed we will arrange future sessions.