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Career Development Programme

Is a Career Development Programme for you?

Do you feel you are in the right career, but have lost your enthusiasm for it and need to re-evaluate what you are doing at work to make it more enjoyable?

Perhaps you are being overlooked for promotions and don’t know why, or you just don’t feel satisfied with your current position and its limitations?

Are you bored with work and needing a boost to revitalise your interest?

Have you lost your work purpose and find work meaningless?

At Working Career, I can help you manage and develop your career. In the Career Development Programme, we re-evaluate and assess your current position and help you achieve that all important and coveted job satisfaction and career happiness. Whether the changes you need to make are big or small, they will change the day to day grind into weeks of achievement. It doesn’t matter if you want a better salary or even a managerial position, Working Career can help you reach for what you want out of your working life and grab it with both hands.

How does it work?

Working Career uses a variety of tools to gain an understanding of where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going. Through a mixture of psychometric tests, questionnaires, coaching and counselling we will get to the bottom of the following:

  • Your goals
  • Your preferred work environment
  • Your innate abilities
  • Your strengths at work
  • Your personality preferences
  • Your interests
  • Your values
  • How you best learn, problem solve and make decisions

We then go on to find:

  • Your top career options to achieve your goals
  • Your action plan to get to where you want to

Through this process you will have access to some of the best career tools and psychometric tests enabling you to understand what will make you happy and productive at work and how to use your strengths.

What do you get?

  • Greater self confidence from self understanding and self belief in your skills and abilities; knowledge as to what your personality preferences, strengths and abilities are
  • A clearer vision of your future and how to achieve your goals
  • Improved career decision making skills
  • New ideas to develop in order to maximise your potential and achieve your goals
  • Knowledge as to what work environments will make you thrive
  • An understanding of what motivates you

You will also receive:

      • Reports and feedback from the assessments and coaching sessions
      • A personal job profile, detailing the aspects of work that are important for your fulfilment
      • A personal action plan for career and personal development

How do I go ahead with the Career Development programme?

        1. First of all Contact Us via email or fill out the contact form to arrange a free initial chat about your individual needs.
        2. We will then be able to give you a recommendation as to what sort of programme would be suitable, how long the process would take and what the cost would be.
        3. Once this has been agreed we will arrange future sessions.