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Looking for a new job and don’t know where to start?

We can help you find the job of your dreams with our Find a Job Fast Coaching Programme.

In years gone by a job search was simply a case of checking the newspaper to find a job to send your CV to. Things have changed – and how. In this two-hour coaching session, you will discover how to job search in the seen and unseen jobs market. A major part of this is knowing how to get a job with LinkedIn.

Do you have a LinkedIn site? Are you making the most of it?

LinkedIn is now the number-one place for people to find jobs. It is a huge networking site. That makes having an engaging, up-to-date LinkedIn platform essential good practice for everyone seeking to manage their job and career to maximum effect.

LinkedIn Coaching from Working Career helps you get the most from your site

Even if you are not currently job hunting, using LinkedIn is a way of keeping your network going in case things change at work and you find you need to look for another opportunity.

In our Find a Job Fast Coaching Programme, you will be shown the best places to look for a job – the obvious and the not so obvious. Also,  how to make the most of your LinkedIn Site. You will learn how to use keywords to attract people to your site, and how to optimise your site so that people can find you. We also pass on essential tips on finding out what jobs are out there and how to get into them.

You will have your own portal where you will have access to tools and techniques for job hunting.

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