Interview coahcing

Interview Skills Coaching

Not been to an interview for a while and need some interview skills coaching?
Seem to go for interviews but never manage to get that job for some reason?
Do you need help with managing your nerves at interviews?

Maybe you need to learn about behavioural or competency-based interviews, or perhaps you simply have not been for an interview for a while and need to update your skills for interview.

Diana Dawson is an expert interview skills coach with years of experience in recruitment and interviewing. She has worked as a recruitment consultant, an internal recruiter and an assessor for assessment days in organisations. Diana’s coaching will equip you to prepare effectively for both structured and unstructured interviews. You will learn to approach every job interview with confidence and demonstrate your interview skills and experience in the best possible light.

How it works

Interview skills coaching works best if you have an interview coming up or have job descriptions of positions you are interested in applying for. You will be asked to do some initial preparation before we meet.

Depending on your needs and requirements, we would cover the following:

  • Coaching in interview skills, so that you feel confident in your interview
  • Techniques for managing interview nerves if that is an issue for you
  • Explaining what a competency or behavioural interview is and how they work
  • Practice in dealing with unstructured and structured interview questions relevant to the types of positions you are being interviewed for
  • Constructive feedback on your style
  • Tips and techniques to deal with different types of interviews
What do you get?

After the session, you will have:

  • Confident interview skills
  • An understanding of the different types of interviews there are. Including behavioural interviews (competency interviews) and situational interviews
  • A structure for dealing with competency-based interviews
  • A checklist of what you need to do before your next interview
  • An understanding of what the most used competencies are
  • A list of the most used interview questions

Session length :

An interview coaching session lasts 120 minutes.

Further interview skills coaching sessions can be arranged if required. If required, Diana can also offer presentation skills coaching, if this is part of the interview process.

Contact Us to book in for a session or find out more.