Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric Assessment

Different psychometric assessments are used for:

  • Personal Development Assessment
  • Assessment for Recruitment

For personal development, I use The Highlands Ability Battery and Myers Briggs Personality Indicator. These assessments are
used to assess innate strengths and behavioural preferences to aid personal understanding.

The Highlands Ability Battery

Every one of us is born with unique talents and gifts – they are hard wired into us. We do not learn them and we can’t forget them, they are just part of who we are. For some, talents are specialised, such as music or design, whereas for others, talents are more generalised, such as a talent for leading teams or abilities that make teaching, selling or writing easy. People who use their natural abilities often at work, tend to love their work. Whereas if you are not using your natural abilities or using abilities which are not so innate, work is harder and less fulfilling and it is more difficult to be successful in your work and career. Starting to use one or more of these abilities can instantly bring a new level of satisfaction in your life. The first stage in using your talent is to figure out what your talents really are. Your talents are not something you just know about yourself. Just because you are good at your job or a subject at school or university, does not mean that you are naturally talented at it. You have to discover them on purpose. The Highlands Ability Battery (THAB) is the gold standard among tools assessing human abilities or aptitudes. Unlike some other tests it is objective and consists of a nineteen different work samples. As the work samples are timed, they reveal what your natural abilities and talents are. It is not like any aptitude testing you may have done in school and research has shown results to be unbelievably accurate.
It takes approximately 3 hours to complete (you can break it up into segments)
You complete the battery from the convenience of your own home
All you need is a computer with sound

What do you get?

Your THAB Reports – Two computer reports to understand your strengths and to give you specific career areas around your abilities. A sample report is here.
Your THAB Feedback – a two hour diagnostic discussion which interprets your scores and explains your results including your abilities, career options and perfect work environment. The THAB results interpretation and feedback will be given by Diana Dawson, who is a qualified Highland Abilities Affiliate.
Sample Adult Report
What people say: “Excellent tool for determining ‘next steps’ in your career.“ “Over the years I’ve experienced many tools to help me choose my optimum career. Until now, none of them has given me clear enough information that would carry me well into the career. I would start out enjoying my work but then reach a point of total dissatisfaction. When I took the Highlands Ability Battery it was as though someone who really knew me had looked inside to see what was driving me. They were able to translate what I was experiencing into words that made the picture clear. What they were seeing was the fire inside me and what fed the fire and what suffocated it.” “The Highlands Battery literally defined my abilities for me. I learned what my talents were and why I used them in certain ways. It was that information that enabled me to grow my business without the fear that I didn’t have the know-how. It also helped me to develop my enjoyment of fine art.” “For me to tell you all I learned from this program would take a lifetime. I learned how I learn best, how to deal with stressful situations, what my natural abilities are, and what career choices my abilities are geared towards. At the same time, they emphasize that career planning, career decisions, and career changes should not be based entirely on these results.” “Gave me some ideas for future areas to explore (personal & professional) for more satisfaction.”

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Your personality has large influence on the type of work that is suitable for you and how you react to and work with others. The more you know about yourself, the more likely you are to get a good match between you and your career. Knowing yourself and your personality type can also help you to develop your performance as you will be able to identify possible strengths and development areas. We all have preferred styles and ways of doing things.
Do you prefer to work with others or alone?
Do you prefer to work with concrete facts or ideas?
Do you prefer to make decisions taking into account others feelings or by applying a consistent set of rules?
Do you dislike working under time pressure?
Through answering these type of questions, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) will help you find out what personality type you are and therefore, what type of careers are best suited to you.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the world’s most popular personality measure and through a vast amount of research, has been found to be reliable. It describes an individual’s preferences across four different dimensions. The various combinations of these preferences result in sixteen personality types associated with a unique set of behavioural characteristic.

For assessment for recruitment different personality and ability tests are used once a job analysis has been carried out to find personality preferences and abilities required for the role.

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