Team Building

A one day practical Team Building Workshop to optimise teams.

The objective of the Team Building Workshops is to understand the team dynamics and to optimise team strengths to increase efficiencies, productivity and well being of the team members.

Who is the Team Building Workshop for?

This career workshop is for intact teams who want to optimise their individual and group working.

What will individuals get from doing the Team Building Workshop?

  • Increased knowledge about innate abilities at an individual and team level
  • Increased confidence in individual and team capabilities
  • Understanding of individual and team’s problem solving and decision-making style
  • Understanding of individual and team’s communication and leadership style
  • Creation of a definition of the team’s goals and the team vision
  • Action plans to take the team forward
  • Highland Ability Reports

What needs to be done before the Team Building Workshop?

The workshop includes the Highlands Ability Battery. This is an in depth abilities profiler and you will complete it before the workshop. It takes three hours to complete on line and we do a group feedback on the workshop.

Who will run the Team Development Workshop?

Diana Dawson is a qualified Career Psychologist. She has been career counselling, coaching and delivering team building and career workshops for over ten years; helping people achieve their career goals through providing one to one career counselling, coaching and workshops for adults from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. She is passionate about people and their careers and helping people to be happier at work and use their talents. She has a MA in Psychology, an MSc in Career Counselling and Management and an MSc in Occupational Psychology. She is also Level A and B qualified in psychometric assessment, has a Certificate in Coaching Psychology and a Member of The British Psychological Society and the Association of Coaching.
If you are interested, please email Diana at to find out more.

If you have a need for TeamBuilding, please contact Diana at with your requirements.