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 At Working Career we help people be happier and more successful in their careers through career consulting and coaching. Working Career is led by Diana Dawson, a qualified business psychologist, career consultant and coach.

The world of work is constantly changing. Forces such as changes in the economy, globalisation and technology can mean increased competition, greater workload, flatter organisational structures, different skills needs and a faster pace of work. This in turn can mean changes in people requirements, more resilient working and potentially more pressures at work. Organisations and individuals need to be agile and adapt to changing circumstances.

Research has shown that being happy at work helps people be more productive, creative and positively affects wellbeing. Happy workers tend to be in jobs that suit their strengths, have good relationships at work including being appreciated by others, are treated fairly and have interesting and meaningful work and have some sense of control or autonomy about their work.

Also, research has shown that career consulting interventions such as career coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching, team-building and career management workshops have a positive effect in these areas. They increase well-being and happiness at work. They reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and engagement.

At Working Career, our purpose and meaning is to support individuals, teams, leaders and organisations to develop happiness, productivity, effectiveness and wellbeing at work.

Therefore, we provide:

Individual Coaching:

– Career Coaching – helping people to manage their careers
– Executive Coaching – managing performance at work
– Leadership Coaching – supporting leaders

Team Development:

– Increasing team effectiveness
– Improving team communication
– Understanding group strengths
– Maximising problem solving
– Increasing cohesiveness

Career Support:

– Career Management Workshops – helping people to manage their careers
– Career Planning Workshops – helping people to plan their careers
– Outplacement Support – helping people through career transitions

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