At Working Career we help professional people to manage their career adventure through one to one career counselling and coaching, psychometric assessment and workshops. We help people seeking a career change and those who want to get more from their career through career development . We also help people find a new job with job search and interview coaching or return to work after time away for whatever reason.

For organisations, we provide career coaching, executive coaching and career workshops. We can manage your career support for your people.

We spend a huge amount of time at work and yet spend more time choosing a car, house or even outfit, than the job that pays for them.  So, if you are feeling unhappy, stuck or frustrated at work and don’t know which way to turn, it is worth taking time to find a solution. Here at Working Career, we can help you free yourself from a career that no longer has meaning and open up new paths. We can also help you with job search and interview coaching to continue your exciting career adventure

The benefits of seeking career guidance are unending – you are essentially arming yourself to make better, more informed decisions about your working life, which lead you to have more job satisfaction, be happier and achieve greater success with your chosen career.

Having a happy workforce, means a more productive (and creative) work force – providing career support at work has huge benefits. More about us