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Useful Career Resources

A useful list of career resources and websites to help you with your job research.

Career Exploration

Sites that explore different careers: – mainly for graduates but useful for career changers – Skills Development Scotland’s career site – inspirational real life career stories

Career Happiness

Ted Talk – The happy secret to better work

Confidence at Work

Self- compassion (being kind to ourselves) has a huge effect on confidence. Dr Kristin Neff’s website is useful and has assessments and helpful advice about the subject:

The Centre of Confidence and well being’s website has useful exercises and information:


Sites that search across different job boards and company sites:

Training Courses

Sites that search different courses:


Psychometric Assessment

Top recommend for finding your innate strengths. Useful for career change and development and career planning:

The Highlands Ability Battery

Practice tests for recruitment and selection:

Practice Aptitude Tests


Personality Questionnaire:

Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator