blue monday

Today is Blue Monday. Have more Happy Mondays than Blue Mondays!

Have More Happy Mondays than Blue Mondays

Today is “Blue Monday’.  The third Monday in January which is reported to be the most dismal day of the year.  Why?  Because the weather tends to be awful, debts are higher than usual, Christmas is over and motivation tends to be low as many of us trudge back to work after a holiday of socialising and over-indulgence! 

This Monday, why not buck the trend?  Rather than succumbing to the blues, why not take stock of what makes you happy – not sad – and start doing more of those things? Here are three things you can do to be happier in 2017.

 1.    See friends and family

You may be heaving a sigh of relief that the festive season and you can have a Saturday night watching telly without seeming anti-social.  That’s fine – for now. But don’t let that contact slide as friends and family do make us feel happier and live longer.  Just take a look at happify’s 7 ways that friends “make us happier, healthier people”. 

2.     Follow your interests

Make a list of the things you really enjoy doing and then look at how much time you spend doing those things.  Do you spend enough time doing things you love?  If not, can you find creative ways of including them in your already busy days?

If you are feeling a bit flat at work, you can gain energy from doing things that energise you out with work – this may help you to get your motivation back in the workplace.

Perhaps it’s time to review your motivations. The Society for Personality and Social Psychology published research last year looking at whether people value time or money the most.  Following a study of 4,600 people, lead researcher Ashley Whillans concluded, “It appears that people have a stable preference for valuing their time over making more money, and prioritizing time is associated with greater happiness,”.  

3.    Do a job you love

From my experience as a career coach, I have seen how being happy at work leads to a more positive outlook, better health and career success.  January and February are –  in my view – the perfect months to reflect on your career history and make plans for the future that ensure you fulfil your career potential.  

When you wake up on Monday morning, how do you feel?  Do you feel happy and motivated or bored or anxious? Sometimes we can feel stuck in a job with no way out.  Or we worry that we might make the wrong move.

If you feel blue about your work – think about what it is specifically that makes you feel that way. For example – Are you interested in what you do? If not, think about the bits that you are interested in and how can you do more of that work. Does your work have meaning and purpose? If not think about why you do your work and the positive impact it has on others.

Psychologists have found using our strengths at works makes us feel more satisfied and happier at work. For some of my clients, they are unsure what their strengths are and doing an ability battery such as The Highlands Ability Battery really helps to focus on the sort of work they should be doing to use their talents.

If you are really struggling with this, there are options such as thinking about your work differently or changing jobs.

Researchers have found that we can choose to be positive and think differently about our work. The positive psychologist Martin Seligman created an exercise called 3 Blessings. This is to think about three good things that have happened to you today that you are grateful for. What were the good things at work? If we do the 3 Blessings exercise daily and for several weeks, this can change the way we think to become more positive.

However, perhaps taking the positive step of doing something about making the transition to a new job or new career would help. At Working Career this is something I can help you with!  

Take action so you banish Blue Mondays from your future career.I hope your Monday is a happy one!