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Executive Coaching

Set Your Goals, Find Success

Do you want to be more effective at work or have specific goals you want to achieve? Unlock and maximise your performance and potential with our Executive Coaching Programme.

Sometimes we need to look in detail at our performance at work in order to achieve our full potential. Do you have specific work-related goals you want to work on, such as improving your presentation skills or your time management? Do you have difficult people to manage? Perhaps you want to be a better leader? This programme addresses these and similar goals using a range of psychological models and coaching methodologies. If required, psychometric assessments can also be used. Our focus on results delivers measurable benefits in both performance and well-being at work.

How it works

A typical format for our Executive Coaching Programme is between four and six meetings of 90 minutes. The goals addressed include building resilience; improving communication; reducing work stress; building confidence in the workplace; improving self-understanding, particularly of strengths; presenting effectively; managing difficult people; time-management; and building relationships.  

Psychological models and coaching methodologies

In our Executive Coaching  Programmes, we use a range of psychological models and coaching methodologies, including:

Strengths-Focused Coaching: more powerful than focusing on weaknesses, it aims to identify and unlock your strengths, boost motivation, reduce stress and build energy for work.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching: our thoughts, feelings and actions are linked, so uncovering and understanding our thoughts and feelings can be useful when dealing with issues such as stress or procrastination at work.

Goal-Directed Coaching: having a goal to work towards affects our behaviour positively. If we don’t know where we are going, we’ll not know how to get there or when we’ve arrived.

Solution-Focused Coaching: career coaching involves problem-solving and decision-making: what to do next, and how to do it. We work on solutions to these problems.

Neuroscience  – working with emotions and thoughts that underpin behaviours. Only through understanding what is really going on in one’s mind can change be achieved.

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