resilience and wellbeing

Resilience and Wellbeing Programme

Happy and Well at Work

If you struggle with your workload, feel overwhelmed by the pace of change and need help coping at work. Our Resilience and Wellbeing Programme will help you.

Covid-19 has brought far-reaching changes to working practices, and greater uncertainty about the future. This is in addition to the already significant stress faced by many of us at work, commonly including increasing time pressure, a heavier workload and frequent changes in personnel and technologies. To survive and thrive, resilience becomes paramount.

Fortunately, resilience is a skill that can be learned, and Working Career’s customised coaching is an effective way of acquiring it. We use a range of psychological techniques,  to help you change mindsets, develop new skills and habits, and find new ways of being that allow positive changes in wellbeing to emerge.

How it works

The focus in our Resilience and Wellbeing Programme is on developing insights and skills that enhance job satisfaction and wellbeing at work. The programme is completely tailored to you and what you want to achieve. Areas covered include:

  • The wellbeing goals you want to achieve
  • What does wellbeing feel like, and what affects it for you?
  • Building resilience at work
  • Techniques to help you cope with work and daily life
  • Practical tools to help you achieve wellbeing
  • Action plans going forward

A typical format for our Resilience and Wellbeing at Work Coaching Programme is between two and six meetings of 90 minutes. This will, however, be tailored to your needs.

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